It is a great privilege being a pastor of such a faith-filled parish. Since my arrival in 2009, we have accomplished some good things. We could not have done this without everyone pitching in and doing his or her part. For that, I am most grateful. This is your parish and we can accomplish only that which you support.

In looking around each day, I am reminded of all those who have been part of this parish over the years. Our predecessors, pastors and parishioners, had a vision for Catholicism in Duluth. That vision includes the parish that has been handed on to us. We would not have such a great parish if it were not for their sacrifice and selfless dedication and your continuing support.

As our current Cathedral Door Campaign is coming to an end, it is time to work on a new goal.  This new initiative will seek to support our ongoing mission through improving our regular income. Recall that this mission is to:

  • Support Catholic Education through our School
  • Form Intentional Disciples of Christ
  • Support Mom’s and Babies at the Women’s Care Center and
  • Work Corporal Acts of Mercy (Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked…) through The Cathedral Cares Fund

If you look at each bullet in this list, not one speaks about the monetary sustenance of the parish. The reason is because money is not our mission, it only supports our mission. As I am sure you know, like no other period of history, one cannot operate without money. The same is true for our parish. As a believer and supporter of our mission, your regular, planned, and proportionate gifts to our community are important.

Like our predecessors, your continued generosity allows our parish to thrive and become what it is today. Quite often, once we achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we tend to cut back on our effort. In contrast, by remaining constant in our sacrificial giving, we can be responsible stewards of God’s gifts and generously return to God what is God’s.

We are now beginning a new initiative,  “Called to Serve”.  Through this endeavor, we will be able to increase our weekly collection in a way that will sustain the future of our parish.

Therefore, I am asking all of you who are reading this, to prayerfully consider being bold in your response to Called to Serve.   Please reflect on this endeavor, responding in a way that you see fitting as a disciple of Christ. By coming together and everyone continuing to do his or her part, we can advance the mission of our parish.

I thank you for your prayers and support and assure you of the prayers I have for you and your family.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Peter Muhich